Planet Forward

A Project of Public Agenda

The Challenge
Non-profit media organization seeks to design, build and launch an interactive community that enables discussion/sharing about the exploration of energy, climate change and sustainability, and integrates Web site and user-gen content from site into nationally airing PBS TV broadcast special.
The Solution
Marketechnique's team offered efficient end-to-end content and product development expertise, and served as a plug-in staff from inception through site launch and cable TV integration, managing site design and development. Our team developed site IA, content plan and strategy, and social media site elements, integrating our workflow with the clients editorial and development teams.
The Results
Over 1MM citizens engaged with the Planet Forward content online, through the PBS broadcast or through social media. The newly launched site received over 30K visits and over 133K page views within a month of launch.


The Challenge
Pre-beta browser-based info service product determined to be ad supported but no thought or process for market situation for advertising, ad inventory, ad sales, planning etc.; CEO and COO were not Web savvy, the former being a vid game creator and the latter being a print publishing executive.
The Solution
Marketechnique deployed a small ad ops and UI/UX team to assess current capabilities, define best practices, create recommendations and then execute key design documents for startup’s developers.
The Results
Our team deployed for discovery phase, evaluated and assessed needs and executed ad ops and user experience/interface product development.

Zelnick Media

The Challenge
Private Equity firm acquires three craft-magazine digital franchises. All digital operations from edit to ad sales from development to external vendor relationship were in need of rebooting. Marketechnique managed key relationships with the Board (PE firm); CEO; Editorial teams; Advertising lead and external Web and AdOps vendors.
The Solution
Hart Hooton deployed as Acting Digital General Manager for a long engagement while deploying our team to handle a variety of strategic and operational needs across internal editorial, ad sales, ad operations departments, as well as with external infrastructure and ad operations vendors.
The Results
Our team worked hand-in-hand with senior staff to accomplish numerous deliverables including a strategic review and strategy development, technology assessment and evaluation, operational transition to new publishing platform and development of a new pro forma P&L for the board.

Alley Corp

The Challenge
Early-stage startup is developing content and product to aggregate end-of-life information for consumers, with an eye to creating a services listings model. Chief Content Officer new to digital needed expert guidance and User Experience/User Interface and design/development team to optimize and refine product.
The Solution
Marketechnique deployed small SWAT team to review and refine site information architecture; then provide UX/UI review and assessment; and then execute against our recommendations with agile sprints for two user-generated content features.
The Results
Information architecture refined, user-generated content features launched on time and on budget.

Celia Herrera

Design, Development, IA/UI/UEX

Celia Herrera has 20+ years of experience in designing user experiences through engaging and relevant technologies. Celia has spearheaded design and development projects and teams for clients ranging from Google to PBS and The Clinton Foundation.

Ken Kantor

Marketing, Product Development, Strategy

Ken Kantor has over 25 years of digital leadership experience in Fortune 500 companies and cutting-edge start-ups, including Time Warner, Sony Music, IBM, IAC/InterActiveCorp, NetActive, QualityHealth, GroundLink, and The New York Times.

Tom Watson

CauseWired Founder & President

Tom Watson is a journalist and consultant who has worked on nonprofit causes for the past decade, co-founding one of the largest philanthropic services firms in the country before spinning off CauseWired in 2008 after the publication of his book CauseWired: Plugging In, Getting Involved, Changing the World (Wiley).

Tom’s client work has included the International Center for Journalists, the United Way, the Innocence Project, the Case Foundation, the Tuskegee Airmen, Catholic Relief Services, and Christian Blind Mission International. He is a frequent speaker on the intersection of online networks and causes.

Hart Hooton

Founder & President

Hart Hooton's diverse publishing experiences span 25 years, beginning his career with magazine launches for Children's Television Workshop and Hearst Magazines. Hart joined Time Inc. in 1995, becoming an early innovator in web-based media.

Hart helped steward the digital fortunes of Sports Illustrated, creating and building a joint venture between CNN and Time Inc., and launching in 1997. In 2003, Hart founded Marketechnique, building a client list including some of the most respected media brands in the country:, The Nation, Newspaper National Network, Reader’s Digest Interactive, Time Warner Cable, and

Donor Development & Database Management Proposal

Marketechnique is a NYC-based consulting group that helps startups, digital & legacy media companies, consumer brands, B2B and Non-profit organizations build, socialize, market and monetize their content and product assets. CauseWired is a unique and highly focused consulting firm that helps nonprofit organizations to increase capacity, plan realistically for the future, improve fundraising, and tell their stories effectively.
The Jewish Agency for Israel has been working to secure a vibrant Jewish future since 1929. The Jewish Agency has been instrumental in founding and building the State of Israel and continues to serve as the main link between the Jewish state and Jewish communities everywhere. This global partnership has enabled the Jewish Agency to address the Jewish People’s greatest challenges in every generation.

What We Heard, What we Offer.

The Jewish Agency enjoys a unique position in the world of Jewish philanthropy, but is working to solve major challenges typical to large-scale legacy nonprofits: integrating its sprawling datasets to power greater fundraising and more effective communications.

We are here to support the Jewish Agency’s efforts to refine and refresh donor communications and to help both plan and execute a road map to improve retention, increase revenue and grow the number of major and grass-roots donors.

Of particular interest to the Jewish Agency is properly segmenting its donor list and integrating records on those donors with its separate customer relationship management system, as well as email subscribers and social media followers. A well considered strategy that works from the organizations needs toward technological solutions – and not in the opposite direction – is central to making data work better for The Jewish Agency.
Nearly 3 out of 4 new donors leave and never come back, according to recent research from Blackbaud. A major 2016 study by the Association of Fundraising Professionals (which analyzed data from several different providers) found that every $100 gained by nonprofit organizations is offset by $91 in losses through gift attrition. This makes donor stewardship vital to the bottom line – strong and well integrated data sets, creative communications, accurate personalization, winning cultivation and messaging.
We also know that more than ever, there is no difference between “online” and “offline” donors – the transaction is merely the final step in a process that may involve many platforms, including email and social networks. Tracking those donors accurately across those channels – and crafting a winning message for each segment – is vital for:
  • Retaining existing donors
  • Moving up donors with larger capacity to higher levels of commitment
  • Attracting and stewarding new donors
  • Allowing The Jewish Agency to better plan its overall donor strategies, with a better understanding of its donor base and its capacity
We know that improving donor communications leads to donor retention. Efforts need to expand beyond fundraising to seeing a donor’s gift as crucial step in a ongoing relationship. There is a lifecycle to be created across donor inspiration and recruitment through to repeat pre- and post-donation communications.

The Donor Funnel

We can help create systems and processes to deepen relationships with people actively supporting your causes, and help build an engaged cultivation funnel for growing the level of support and advocacy you want for your organization.

A key component of this project focuses on the need for the Jewish Agency to build a better way to collect data, and use and maintain a powerful database of active, past, and prospective donors. In addition to providing a strategic roadmap, best practices, goal setting and process definition for your teams, we can build an effective data management plan and provide the technical expertise to execute integration of your work across two separate CRM and fundraising systems.
Recruit / Inspire
How do teams deploy email for donor outreach? What platform, which teams are involved?
Do you have regular email updates and/or newsletters in operation?
How is content for donor communications created?
How are donor databases currently segmented? For example, donation amount, when they gave, area of interest, type of comms they want to receive, age, how they gave, etc.
Major Recommendations
At the conclusion of the engagement, the consulting team will make strategic (and in some cases, tactical) recommendations for the Jewish Agency in these critical areas:
Which datasets are vital for which constituents in the two databases – for example: What needs to be centrally available for major donors? What’s crucial for grassroots donors?
How can smart data usage help identify smaller donors who may have more capacity and likelihood to give?
How can the Jewish Agency manage contacts across major platforms, including email and social, in a way that maximizes brand development and revenue?

What We Propose

We are proposing an agile sprint over three months with regular briefings and a final report with actionable findings and recommendations on what we think needs doing over the next year to 18 months.

Project Overview

1Discovery of existing data on donor development

2Discovery meetings with all stakeholders
3Discovery of existing donor communications
4Strategic goal setting
5Develop road map and data management plan for integrated efforts by multiple departments

6Provide donor communications and integrated marketing review and recommendations

Project Details

Start: Aug 2018
Completion: Oct / Nov 2018
12-week project timing

12-Week Timetable

  • Discovery
  • Planning and Roadmapping
  • Recommendations and Content Strategy Brief


  • Discovery
  • Planning & Roadmapping 

Cost Estimate $23,000

Discovery (3-4 Weeks)

  • Discovery of existing donor development data, database information, retention rates, major versus grass-roots data, and more
  • Understand your org through interviews with stakeholders – culture, structure, messaging, fundraising case, constituents, strategic goals and impact
  • Review database maintenance, management, and data entry processes
  • Review donor communications including website, social media and email marketing in context of donor development, tracking, cultivation and stewardship


  • Discovery briefing — meeting(s) with presentation
    • Summary of top-line findings
    • Directional options, analysis, knowledge sharing and opinions

Planning and Roadmapping  (4-5 weeks)

  • Examine strategic goals for the Jewish Agency and apply those organizational goals to donor communications and how the data is best used for development, outreach, and marketing
  • Review of – and recommendations for – operational prospect research
  • Review RFM donor data/scores (Reach/Frequency/Monetary contribution)
  • Counsel and assist with DB segmentation with focus on grassroots, potential middle donors cohort, and major giving
  • Recommendations on how to organize your data
  • Recommendations for content strategy as it relates to database and donor development
  • Strategic goals review and recommendations


  • Deliverables: Planning Briefing — meeting(s) with presentation
    • Donor retention 12-month plan and draft road map
      • Strategic goal-setting and recommendations
      • Prospect research best practices
      • Integrated marketing recommendations
      • Content recommendations
    • Database management plan and road map
      • Prospect research
      • Donor segmentation recommendations
      • DB maintenance recommendations
        • Governance, data management, architecture, quality control
        • Integration with email, social, web data, etc.

Final Deliverable: Full report and road map with timeline, encompassing all briefings and recommendations.

Our Team

Working with the Jewish Agency teams, we propose a hierarchical approach that involves discovery, strategy, and implementation.

Tom Watson, CauseWired

Founder & President

Tom Watson is the president and founder of CauseWired, a consulting firm advising clients on the social commons: nonprofits, foundations and companies. Tom’s client work focuses on education, social services, progressive causes, and the pursuit of social justice. Tom specializes in strategic planning, case development, communications, branding development and marketing, as well as fundraising and development planning. Tom’s client work includes organizations such as the Innocence Project, Vera Institute of Justice, Sidney Hillman Foundation, 32BJ SEIU, the Tanenbaum Center for Interreligious Understanding, and the Shalom Center For Conflict Resolution And Reconciliation.

Hart Hooton, Marketechnique

Founder & President

Hart Hooton’s publishing experience spans 25 years in both start-up and mainstream media companies. Hart was an early innovator in Web-based media, helping steward the digital fortunes of Sports Illustrated, creating and building a joint venture between CNN and Time Inc. and launching Hart founded Marketechnique, building a client list including some of the most respected media brands in the country, including, The Nation, Reader’s Digest Interactive, Time Warner Cable,, and non-profit orgs such as Public Agenda and 32BJ SEIU.

Celia Herrera, URBN Brands


Celia Herrera is a highly specialized marketing professional that has been providing full service branding, and web design & development services to a national list of clients for over 10 years. With clients ranging from solo-preneurs, to start-ups, to national organizations with hundreds of thousands of members, her work philosophy is human-centric; taking an organic approach to audience engagement by developing dynamic brand personalities and memorable stories that connect organizations to an engaged audience.
Tom Watson

Phone: 914.295.0006

Hart Hooton

Phone: 212.414.2824